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COCOSHEA BATH & BODY products began with the dream of creating a luxury line of spa-quality lotions and washes at affordable prices. We, at COCOSHEA, have achieved our goal.

Headquartered in New York City, COCOSHEA established a manufacturing outlet in New Jersey and a distribution chain that crosses continents. Since 2006, we have grown a team of chemists, perfumers and industrial engineers who understand that our customers love to look and feel well, happy and pampered. Our products accomplish just that.

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Our Refund Policy
We're Here for You with a Money-Back Guarantee

COCOSHEA BATH & BODY stands behind our products with a 60-day refund opportunity. If you are not satisfied with any CocoShea product, or need to return an unopened package, please return your purchase to COCOSHEA for a full refund. Mail your product(s) and refund request, reason for your request and contact information to: COCOSHEA BATH & BODY, 9303 Shore Road, Suite 3B, Brooklyn, NY 11209.